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Windhoek Airport

Hosea Kutako International Airport is the one international airport of Windhoek one of the African state. This airport is located in Namibia capital and largest city of Windhoek. This airport is located on the east side of the Namibia city. This is the single airport of Windhoek which is providing international destinations flights in different countries of the world. Then the name of the airport is made in the name of one of national Hero of Windhoek named as Mr.Hosea Kutako.

This airport was opened and constructed by South African Administration in end of 1965.At that time the airport was named and known as J.G. Strijdom Airport of Namibia. But after the first nationalist prime minister of Windhoek changed the name of its airport in remembrance of a national hero on the independence of Windhoek in 1990.

Many international airlines take different steps and make various arrangements to start international flight operations from Namibia international airport but due to many difficulties and hurdles that failed. The major reason was Windhoek is one of the least developed areas of Africa and is living in that time period in which the whole world decades ago. Due to such less development scenario many international switch their direct flight experience from Windhoek and move towards other international airports of Africa region.

Due to unavailability of direct flight operations, passenger travelled through Johannesburg airport or through Cape Town international airport and then take another local flight and by road travel to reach Windhoek. Due to such lengthy process, the cost of travel and time of travel both increased and caused boredom and irritation among passenger. But due to simple and little backwards conditions of Windhoek make it an attractive place for tourists and adventurers from the whole globe. Due to such trend, the number of passengers who travelled through this airport reached up to 814,810 in 2016.

To make it developed and attractive in eyes of passengers the govt of Windhoek started a construction process in 2009 with an intention to increase the level of facilities and technology of the airport in according to the new trends and demands of the passenger and to improve the level of safety and to increase the quality standard of the customer service offered by management of the airport.

This airport has just one terminal in contrast to other international airports. Theo one terminal is divided into two different level. One level is reserved for arrival passengers and the second one is reserved for Departure of the passengers. The runway of this airport is considered as one of 30th world largest runway of international airports.

To increase the level of services offered to the valued passenger a business centre of Namibia s constructed outside of this Airport .This business centre provides services of the taxi and car rental to its passengers .The reason behind this a large number of tourists visited Windhoek is increasing day by day due to which this facility is offered .Beside this airport also provide the facility of hotel reservation to compete for the quality standard of other international airports in the whole world.

Currently, 10 different airlines including local and international airline are providing its air flight operations in Windhoek and provide air travel facility at ten different destinations of the world which include Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Doha, Cape Town, Johannesburg and towards some small stated f African region. No direct flights are made to the Asian region and in North and South American region. Due to which double flight are being used by passengers to reached Windhoek.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Hosea Kutako International
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
22° 28’ 48" S
Longitude (DMS):
17° 28’ 15" E
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4,575m (15,010ft)
45m (148ft)
1,524m (5,000ft)
30m (98ft)